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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mom and Dad, wedding photos, ca.1943

My parents met in wartime Montreal, fell in love, and got married. These are their wedding photos, taken in 1943.

Now, I'm not saying they have reincarnated and are back together again in L.A., but when I saw some recent photos of A.J. McLean and his new bride, Rochelle DeAnna Karidis, I was a bit mystified.

First, because they look so happy together and second, because Rochelle really does remind me of my mother, Therese Bouthillier, pictured above. Features, colouring, height (my mother was 5'10" tall), and then there's the bright red lipstick. I realize this is not proof, but it's enough to give one pause...

Today I found some more photos which were taken of the couple during a recent visit to Disneyland. If I were looking to develop a theory that my reincarnated dad, who now bears my birth name (A.J. McLean), has become a Disney mind controlled celebrity (like Britney Spears), I might look no farther that this:

It gives me the creeps (a little) but then, things are not always what they seem... even in Lalaland. Perhaps they're being together will help them dispel their programming. In the meantime, I'll be writing more about all this...